State summary


State : Nagaland Question Status Remarks, if any
1 Total No. of Schools (Govt./ Aided/ Local Bodies) & NCLP schools obligated to provide Mid day Meal 2103 Govt. Schools – 2059

NCLP schools – 44


2 Total No. of Schools (Govt./ Aided/ Local Bodies) & NCLP schools actually providing Mid day Meal 2103 Govt. Schools – 2059

NCLP schools – 44


3 Have any budgetary provisions made to provide assistance for cooking cost, infrastructure, procurement of kitchen devices/ construction of kitchen-cum-store room/ cooking utensils/ utensils for children to have food/ pure drinking water/ water for washing and cooking food and washing utensils/ dining room, if yes give details. (Please Ref. Clause 2.6 of MDMS  No  
4 Have any State Norms formulated of expenditure under the different components of the Scheme as mentioned above, if yes, give details and bifurcation head-wise (Please Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.3 of MDMS) No  
5 Have any guidelines/ modalities developed for day to day management and monitoring of implementation of the MDM scheme, if yes give details. (Please Ref Clause 3.4 to 3.6, 6.2 & Ann. 12 of MDMS) Yes Developed Implementation Manual.
6 Have any safety specification formulated for construction of kitchen-cum-store room (Please Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 4.2 & Ann. 9 of MDMS), if yes give details. Yes As per MHRD norms.
7 Has any system established for Food Corporation of India for continuous and un-interrupted flow of food grains to all eligible schools and Centres, if yes give details. (Please. Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.7 & 3.8 of MDMS) No  
8 Have any guidelines formulated to promote and facilitate peoples’ participation in the MDM Scheme, if yes give details. (Please Ref. Clause 2.6 r/w 3.9 & 4.4 of MDMS) No  
9 Have any guidelines framed for preparation of nutritious and economical Mid Day Meal, if yes give details. (Please. Ref Clause 4.1 of MDMS) Yes Food norms prescribed by the MHRD is followed
10 Has any IEC (Information, Education and Communication) activity undertaken to inform the end beneficiary i.e. the child through the parents about their fundamental right to receive and duty of the State to serve good quality and good quantity of hygienic food in dignified manner, if yes give details. (Please Ref. CI. 3.10) Yes Flexi Banners, videos & Radio Jingle
11 Has any dedicated mechanism developed for public grievance redressal with wide publicity and easy accessibility, if yes give details. Is there any separate web­site. (Please Ref. Clause 6.3 of MDMS) Yes Nodal Officer (MDM) Directorate of School Education, Nagaland: Kohima-797001

Phone No. 0370-2260036 (office)

Mobile – 9436070054 (through SMSs only)



12 Have State Level, District Level and Block Level Steering-cum- Monitoring Committees been constituted, if yes give composition of each of the committee (Please Ref. Clause 3.2 r/w Ann. 8 of MDMS) Yes Details enclosed


13 What steps have taken for mobilization of mothers to watch Mid Day Meal (Please Ref. Circular dated 27.12.2005 of MHRD) No  
14 Does the State Government prepare and send all necessary information to MHRD in the manner as required under Para 5.1 r/w Ann. 11 and Para 5.4 r/w Form 1-3 of MDMS. Has any State Level Portal made to make available all this information for public at large. Yes Reports are being sent to MHRD in the prescribed format.
15 What are the steps taken for training of cooks-cum-helpers on continuous basis on Food Safety and Hygiene (Please ref. guidelines dated 13.02.2015 of MDM Division, MHRD. Yes Training of Cook cum helper are periodically conducted
16 Whether Steering-cum-Monitoring Committees constituted at State/ District and block level and whether regular meetings are held, frequency of meetings? Yes, on quarterly basis.