Sl. No. Question Status Remarks, if any
1 Food Grains:
(i) Whether the food grains are transported from FCI or supply is taken from Fair Price Shop? Suppliers lift the food grains from the nearest FCI godown of civil supplies dept.
(ii) What are the arrangements for transporting food grains from FCI godown/ Fair Price Shop to School to ensure that the actual quality and quantity as supplied by these agencies reaches to the school store room? The Department has engage carriage contractor to lift foodgrains from FCI godown and transport to the respective SDEO godown from where it is transported to the respective schools and verified by the concerned head of institution at school level.
2 Cooking of Meal
(i) How quality of cooked meal, particularly addition of vegetables and supply of fruits, eggs etc. are ensured? Monitoring by Head of Institutions, SMC, Members of mothers committee, Mid Day Meal Committee on day to day basis.
(ii) How is the calorific value [450 calories and 12 gms. of protein to every child at primary level & 700 calories and 20 gms. of protein to every child at upper primary level ensured? Quantum of ingredients specified by MHRD to get the prescribed calorific value and protein is strictly followed.
(iii) What is the system of assessing the nutritional value of the meal under MDM Scheme? The nutritional value of the meal is ensured by following the quantum prescribed by MHRD.
(iv) Who plans the weekly menu? Is the menu displayed in the school? Weekly menu is planned by the school in consultation with the School Monitoring Committee as per the locally available ingredients. Weekly menu is displayed in the school.
(v) Have any nutritional experts been       involved in planning and evaluation of menus and quality of food served under the programme? Menus are planned in consultation with SMC Members as per the locally available ingredients.
(vi) Is there any standard prescription to include minimum quantity of vegetables, dal/lentils? How its implementation is ensured? Yes, as per MHRD’s norms. Implementation is ensured through Monitoring at school level.
3. Monitoring:
(i) Whether Regularity, wholesomeness and over-all quality of mid-day meal served to children is being monitored on daily basis, if yes, then by whom? Yes, by Head of institution and various committees at school level.
(ii) Whether Cleanliness in cooking, serving and consumption of mid-day meal is being monitored on daily basis, if yes then by whom? Yes, by Head of institution and various committees at school level.
(iii) Whether timely procurement of Ingredients, fuel, etc. of good quality is monitored on weekly basis? Procurement is done by the SMC as per the requirement
(v) Whether raw material is inspected daily before being put to use for cooking? Whether any register entry is maintained on daily basis under signature of a designated monitoring person? Yes.
4 Infrastructure: Kitchen-cum-store/ Storage Bins/ Utensils/ water/ Fuel
(i) Whether School/ Centre has pucca Kitchen-cum-Store as per specification of para 4.2 r/w Ann. 9? If yes then give size and other details of Kitchen and Store, both separately. Yes, as per the specified specification of MHRD.
(ii) Whether School has Storage Bins? If yes, give number, size and nature of Bins. No.
(iii) Whether the School has Cooking Utensils? If yes, give their number and size. Yes.
(iv) Whether the School has Utensils for children to have food(plate, glass, bowl, spoon, one each per child) Dining plates and cups have been provided.
(v) Whether the School has functional hand wash facility/ counters with soap? If yes, give their number. Yes, 4 counters are available in schools.
(vi) Whether the School has proper arrangement for Pure drinking water?
(vii) Whether the School has proper arrangement for clean water for washing vegetables, pulses, grains and cleaning used utensils?
(viii) Whether the School has a suitable and child friendly eating place, such dining hall or veranda? If yes, give its size and other details for arrangements for light and air. Yes. Students take their meals in the classrooms.
(ix) Nature of fuel being used gas based, smokeless chullhas, traditional method of firewood, kerosene, etc. Gas Based Cooking.
(x) Reason for not using gas based cooking and proposal to convert. Not Applicable
5. Role of Teachers:
(i) Details of orienting Teachers regarding their role in the Scheme? Through workshops and seminars conducted under SSA.
(ii) Has a training module been developed in 20 days in-service training for teachers under SSA(Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan)? Details of Teacher training conducted in this regard. No.
(iii) Whether teachers are using the scheme to educate children about hygiene, discipline, social equity, conservation of water, etc. Yes.
6. Cooks :
(i) Who is cooking the meal? (Please give breakup) (i) Cooks/helpers engaged by the Department/Village Panchayat(ii) Self-Help Groups(iii) NGOs(iv) Mothers Groups(v) Any other
(ii) Where NGOs are involved, it may be specified whether their selection is in accordance with the guidelines of MDM Scheme. No.
(iii) Total No. of  Cooks & helpers :
(iv) Remuneration being given to Cook cum Helper Rs. 1000/- per month is being paid as honorarium to Cook cum helpers.
7. Mobilization of mothers/ representatives of local bodies:
(i) What are the steps taken to involve mothers/ representatives of local bodies/ Gram Panchayats/ Gram Sabhas, etc., taking turns to supervise preparation of meals and feeding of children. What is the effect of this initiative? Various committees like Mothers committees, Village Education Committee, School Monitoring Committee etc. have been constituted to supervise preparation and serving of meals. Fresh and wholesome food is provided to the children without any interruption.
(ii) What are the mechanisms for monitoring the Scheme? Through various committees and surprise checks by Zonal Officers.