Planning Section

  1. An amount of Rs. 250 lakhs was provided for the construction of Directorate Office building.
  2. The department has provided Rs. 40 lakhs for extension of classroom at GHS Losami and GHS Chesezu under Phek district.
  3. An amount of Rs. 10 lakh was provided for the construction of directorate garage
  4. An amount of Rs. 400 lakhs was provided under negotiated loan for construction of GHSS Pfutsero, GHS Phesachodu, GHS Zuketsa,Ruzhukhrie GHSS and GHSS Seikhazou.
  5. An amount of Rs. 135.13 lakhs under Non –Planwas given as Grant –In – Aid to 35 schools and other sectors due to fund constraint under state plan during 2015-16.